BY MY SIDE. 2021 DORDOR gallery NYC. New York
curator: Ira Chistikina

die dritte die wahrheit. 2018 Petersburg Art Space. Berlin
with Katya Igoshina

timekeeping. 2020 Pro Arts gallery. Kaluga

curator: Lubov Sretenskaya

and this will pass too / culture has become a military camp. 2020 Cosmoscow Fair. Moscow

compaction. 2019 Night of art. Tssaritsyno Museum-Reserve. Moscow
with Katya Igoshina

MOST ART FEST. 2020 Mall 21st century. Kaluga

today. 2020 paper, mixed media

silence. 2017 Single picket. 57 biennale of contemporary art. Venice
with Katya Igoshina

concrete. 2017 Arshortus. 

Botanical Garden of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov "APTECARIAN GARDEN". Moscow